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Sunday, October 10, 2010


George Grosz,
Ameisen (Ants), 1920

From Nietzsche's Human, All Too Human, 1878 (trans. H. Zimmerman), 283:

Principal deficiency of active men. - Active men are generally wanting in the higher activity: I mean that of the individual. They are active as officials, businessmen, scholars, that is to say as generic creatures, but not as distinct individual and unique human beings; in this regard they are lazy. - It is the misfortune of the active that their activity is always a little irrational. One ought not to ask the cash-amassing banker, for example, what the purpose of his restless activity is: it is irrational. The active roll as the stone rolls, in obedience to the stupidity of the laws of mechanics. - As at all times, so now too, men are divided into the slaves and the free; for he who does not have two-thirds of his day to himself is a slave, let him be what he may otherwise: statesman, businessman, official, scholar.

Grosz, Metropolis, 1916-1917

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